• PGES offers refrigerants through our technical partner “A-Gas International”. PGES are based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but work throughout the Middle East and North  Africa (MENA) to supply high quality refrigerants at competitive prices. All our refrigerants are  laboratory certified to AHRI-700 Standards, and are available in different sizes of cylinders such as disposal cylinders, half ton cylinders, one ton cylinders, or ISO containers.

    A-Gas is an international group of companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom. They are a market leader in the supply of refrigerants within their core territories in the UK, the USA, Australia and South Africa. With modern state of the art storage, blending and packaging facilities in Bristol, Bowling Green, Cape Town and Melbourne. A-Gas is rapidly growing their market share in Asia and the Americas with sales offices in Singapore, China, Thailand as well as in the USA. A-Gas provides a one-stop shop solution for all refrigerant applications. They offer interim HCFC (available in countries where use is still permitted under current regulations) and long-term HFC refrigerants as well as non-fluorinated refrigerants such as ammonia, hydrocarbons and CO2, together with secondary heat transfer fluids. Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) is also available from A-Gas for use in refrigeration servicing.

    A-Gas supplies the refrigeration service sector through refrigeration wholesale partners, all of which are the largest wholesale chains in each of our principal territories. A-Gases range of refrigerants play a leading role in helping user industries meet the challenge of moving to new technologies and complying with environmental regulations.

    • R11 / R12

    • R22
    • R134a
    • R404a
    • R407c
    • R409a
    • 410a
    • Others – As Requested

    • All Refrigerants

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