Laboratory Testing


PGES set up the first laboratory in the Middle East which was able to test to full AHRI, ASTM, and ISO standards for refrigerants and Halons. The Laboratory was set up initial to deal with our Halon recycling business, allowing us to test to ASTM, ISO and MIL SPEC standards, for Halons.

Once we decided to move into refrigerant trading/recovery we decided to invest in GC/MS (Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry) in addition to our other two GC’s. This is the only GC/MS in the region specifically calibrated to identify refrigerants and contaminates. As with all our technical staff, our laboratory technicians where trained in America in a AHRI certified laboratory, ensuring that all work is carried out to the most up to date standards and specifications.By utilizing our state of the art equipment and our internationally certified technicians we are able to test refrigerants and Halons for the following

Non-condensable fixed gas
Suspended matter
Oil analysis