PGES was originally created to deal with the large quantities or Halons in active and decommissioned systems within the Middle East. The main facility in Dammam, KSA was built specifically to deal with this task. Until this day PGES is the only company in the Middle East capable of recycling Halons to the current required specifications, both for civil use and military use.

These specifications include ASTM and Mil Spec standards.

All our technical staff have been trained in America by our technical partner A-Gas Remtec, who have been dealing with Halons since their inception in 1986, and continue to deal with Halons.

All equipment used by PGES is the same as what is used in the A-Gas Remtec facility in Bowling Green, Ohio.  The Patented MARS technology which is used in recycling of Halons was designed and built by Remtec, specifically for recycling of Halons 1301 and 1211.

PGES not only recycles Halons, but also sells buys and trades Halons. As there is a ban on Halon production due to its high ozone depletion (ODS), and high global warming potential (GWP), companies are switching their fire suppression systems to environmentally friendly alternatives such as Novec  1230 and FM-200. PGES offer a fully replacement package working alongside our sister company Pan Gulf Industrial Systems, where PGIS will decommission the old system and design, build, install and commission a new system and offset the cost of the new system against the old Halon system.