About PGE Solutions

PGE solutions is here to tackle environmental issues which industry now face on a daily basis.

A wholly owned subsidiary of PGI systems, PGE Solutions was formed to provide the Middle East, North Africa and Asia with professional solutions to key environmental issues.

The Pan Gulf Group has been leading the business world in the Middle East for over 30 years. PGE solutions offers the best in HALON processing in the Middle East and Asia, we meet current standards for recycling and adhere to the most up to date specifications.

We do this by using the latest in HALON recycling equipment, sophisticated laboratory equipment, performing series of tests and by utilizing our internationally trained technicians.

We aim to be the leaders in environmental solutions in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Asia, and we do this by following global environmental organizations, who set out strict guide lines for the safe recycling and destruction of ozone depleting substances and global warming agents.